Congratulations to our NEW Black Belts!!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Black Belt grading on Sunday. We saw 6 students gain their Junior Black Belt, three their 2nd Dan and one their 3rd Dan.

This was the culmination of many years of training, three exclusive training sessions and the final two hour grading. They were pushed to their mental and physical limits and we are very proud of what they have accomplished in proving themselves worthy of the title of Black Belt. Keep up the good work!

Black belt is much more than a piece of material that you wear around your waist. It is something that you become.

From Left to Right Back row: Thea Moston, Maxwell Gilliver, Edward Akers Smith, Joshua Worth, Benjamin Barron, Yash Jain
From Left to Right Front row: Megan Woolley, Elliot Naylor, Ethan Rial, Akito Irvine


Sandan (3rd Dan)-

Edward Akers Smith

Nidan (2nd Dan)-

Maxwell Gilliver

Elliot Naylor

Thea Moston

Shodan (1st Dan)-

Benjamin Barron

Akito Irvine

Yash Jain

Ethan Rial

Megan Woolley

Joshua Worth


… A Black Belt is a White belt who never quits…


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