What Can I Expect From K.S.K.A Karate Lessons?

Firstly, here are some important things to know about studying at K.S.K.A

  • Here at K.S.K.A we study the art of Shūkōkai Karate (meaning the way for all in Japanese).
  • It is an inclusive sport which anyone can try, succeed in and benefit from.
  • It promotes non-violence and focuses on self-discipline and respect.
  • It is a combination of aerobic exercise and motor skills this promotes healthy activity alongside mental concentration.

A typical hour-long class begins with a bow to the Sensei (Master / Teacher). After a fun warm-up, usually involving a few games, students are then led through that days session focused on developing a particular skills. This may range from specific kicks, punches and blocks to sparring techniques or self-defence. We aim to vary the lessons week to week to allow every student to develop a wide range of skills and stay engaged.

Each skill practised requires concentration and strict attention. This helps to instil the values of respect and concentration. Experts say that the most important benefit children can learn is respect, whether from bowing or standing still and waiting for the next command this is often gained as a result of studying karate. It also often carries over into school, helping improve behaviour and even grades. (Check out more benefits of studying Karate).

Progress in these skills is marked by the belt systems, which takes beginners through a variety of coloured belts all the way to the prestigious black belt (Check out our grading systems). Testing for each new level, every 3-4 months, provides a good lesson in setting and achieving goals.

At the end of each session, important lessons are highlighted and some students may be asked to demonstrate what they have learnt. This acts as a good lesson in taking feedback and self-refection.

Every class concludes with all students bowing to their Sensei (Master / Teacher) before leaving the room.

Children can start studying and benefiting from Karate from the age of five. In fact, it is beneficial for young children to start studying martial arts as it is a good way to hone their fine motor skills.

Lots of parents have found that in as little as a year, their children who were involved in martial arts had noticeably gained positive traits such as increased self-esteem, respect and overall physical fitness. (See some of our parent testimonials).

Your child can come and try their first K.S.K.A lesson for FREE and see for themselves if it’s a good fit for them.

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