My son started karate at 6 years old and has currently been attending for over a year. We were attracted to the class when my son showed interest in the sport. He loves the classes but especially the games at the start of the class and learning new moves. I believe karate has been very … Continue reading Anonymous (Parent)

Anonymous (Parent)

My daughter came to her first karate class last night and loved it!! Rory the instructor was very welcoming and all the children looked like they were having lots of fun. Pepper can’t wait to come again next week!!

Verity Cookson (Parent)

I was a member of this club for over 10 years and enjoyed every minute of it. After that amount of time I was able to achieve my black belt and it is still one of the proudest accomplishments of my life. The teaching method by the instructors is both fun and informative. This is … Continue reading Joshua Barber (Former Student)

Joshua Barber (Former Student)

I’ve been to K.S.K.A for just under 10 years and still enjoy the lessons as much as I did in the beginning. I’ve have achieved my Nidan (2nd) black in that time and it is one of my proudest achievements. I particularly enjoy the way that the Karate we learn helps keeps up fit and … Continue reading Sam Mottershead (Student)

Sam Mottershead (Student)

I have been attending K.S.K.A classes for 12 years. I would now class the instructors as friends more than teachers as they create a very welcoming and friendly environment. I started Karate because one of my friends started going, and I wanted to go with him to check it out. It was an activity he … Continue reading Edward Akers Smith (Student)

Edward Akers Smith (Student)
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