Black Belt Roll of Honour

Not everyone that starts karate has what it takes to become a black belt and even fewer go on to achieve Nidan and above.

Here you can find our students who have had the determination, perseverance and skill to attain their black belts and even higher grades:

Hachidan (8th Dan) – 

Keith Lomas

Godan (5th Dan) –

Rory Webb – November 2017

Sandan (3rd Dan) –

Samantha Massey

Ariana Nielsen-Timms

Richard White

Edward Akers Smith – November 2017

Nidan (2nd Dan)-

Steve Redwood

Jonathan Mason

Oliver Goodwin

Sebastian Dooley

Maxwell Gilliver  – November 2017

Elliot Naylor  – November 2017

Thea Moston – November 2017

Shodan (1st Dan) 

Chris England

Joshua Barber

Reece Greenhow

Martin Thompson

Joseph Bradley (Junior)

Jasmine Bradley (Junior)

Jack Burlison (Junior)

 Alex Jones (Junior)

Michael Kelly

 Josh Woolley (Junior)

Jack Woolley (Junior)

Sam Mottershead – February 2016

Samye Smith (Junior) – February 2016

Benjamin Barron (Junior) – November 2017

Akito Irvine (Junior) – November 2017

Yash Jain (Junior) – November 2017

Ethan Rial (Junior) – November 2017

Megan Woolley (Junior) – November 2017

Joshua Worth (Junior) – November 2017

Cayla Lowe (Junior) – November 2018

Ciaran Lowe (Junior) – November 2018

Jaydan Lowe (Junior) – November 2018

Evie Morgan (Junior) – November 2018

Tilly Rio (Junior) – November 2018

Owen Torr (Junior) – November 2018

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