Edward Akers Smith (Student)

I have been attending K.S.K.A classes for 12 years. I would now class the instructors as friends more than teachers as they create a very welcoming and friendly environment.

I started Karate because one of my friends started going, and I wanted to go with him to check it out. It was an activity he and I did each week allowing us to spend more time with each other. As we grew older, he went less and less to do other sports, but I stayed, as it was an activity I well and truly enjoyed learning.

Soon after this, I started going to more lessons in the week because I began to develop a passion for the sport. Since then, I have received my 3rd Dan Black Belt and have even started to establish some leadership skills by helping out in the younger classes.

I keep going to the lessons as I get to spend time with the friends I have made and I enjoy helping the children develop self discipline and teaching them how to defend themselves.

These sessions now define a part of me, and I hope to carry on with the sport and eventually teach lessons, as my instructors do, in the future.

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